Top Ten positive back-to-school thoughts

After nearly a month, piles of homework now start to loom over our tables once again.

Kate Habich

After nearly a month, piles of homework now start to loom over our tables once again.

Emily Chen and Kate Habich, Staff Writers

We’ve seen it in the yawns and frowns during the first day back at school: students are bemoaning the end of the winter holidays and the start of a new (and probably more difficult) semester. But going back to school actually offers a whole other set of opportunities and advantages that we wouldn’t have otherwise! Just you see:

1. You get to see all your friends!

With everyone’s schedule conflicting over the holidays as all your friends travel off to different places, it’s exciting to come back to school and see your squad, even if you’re forced to spend time together in a classroom. Nothing is better than reunion.

2. You get your midterm grades back!

Getting midterms back in class alleviates the constant stress at the back of your mind that has probably prevailed during the holidays. If you’re not very satisfied with the grades, look at it this way: you still have a whole semester to make things up.

3. You have access to the café every day!

We’re sure that a lot of us have ventured to coffee shops over the break, searching for that perfect blend of sugar, coffee and and cream (but mostly sugar) that is unique to the Maverick Café. Now, a chocolate croissant or caramel macchiato is only a few steps away.

4. Sophomores have free periods!

If you’re a sophomore, you now have free periods instead of study hall for the whole semester. Even though you can only go to a few places on campus, having this tiny amount of freedom from your tight schedule is still a huge relief. Free periods give sophomores a tiny taste of what life is like for juniors and seniors.

5. You can now stop wasting your days away!

No matter how fun it is to sleep until 4:30 p.m. (we speak from personal experience) or to spend the entire day watching Netflix, there is a particular type of self-loathing that comes from only seeing two hours of daylight and only getting up to go to the kitchen for snacks.

6. You can come back to clubs and activities!

Whether it’s Mathematical Problem Solving or International Club, numerous clubs are having meetings and social events to kick off the new semester. The first few weeks include some exciting activity nearly every day. Clubs will keep you busy and help ease you back into the school routine.

7. You can be effortlessly healthy!

According to WebMD, the average American gains one to two pounds during the winter holidays. If you felt especially unenergetic during the break, have no fear. You’ll get a workout from carrying heavy backpacks all day and rushing to get from first floor Quad to third floor Mewbourne.

8. The good old feeling of procrastination is back again!

It’s an average Tuesday night and you’re scrolling through Facebook. But what’s that in the corner of your vision? It’s the dreaded backpack! You try to ignore it but you just can’t. The worksheet you were planning to do four hours ago and the 45 minute essay you were putting off for tomorrow’s 7 minute advisory are haunting you. Procrastination may not be the most pleasant feeling, but in a weird way, it makes your distractive activities 110% more enjoyable.

9. You already have an outfit for every day!

With no uniform over winter break, every morning obliges us to create an outfit that perfectly combines style and warmth: scarves and furry jackets, maybe a blanket cape if you’re feeling extra snazzy. What a struggle. With school starting, you don’t have to waste a minute longer looking through your closet (if you want, you can focus your extra time on pretty accessories).

10. Ultimately, you’ve gotten back into the busy, wondrous hum of school life (yes, that can be a good thing)!

Even if you do finish your homework early (that would be the dream) there’s still so much to do: long-term assignments, fine arts, sports and club responsibilities; some have to add on driving school and family commitments to the list. Although this deluge of activities can be stressful, if you remain optimistic, they can bring excitement and satisfaction. Simply reflect on a normal day and you’ll realize the amazing amount of things you can actually get done. Even if you don’t realize it, you’re a productivity machine! 🙂