60 seconds with prefect candidates

Cara Maines, Online Editor

Get to know this year’s prefect candidates before the election tomorrow at 7:45 in the VST. Note that not all candidates are listed.

Natasha Gonzalez
Campaign slogan: let’s make it happen
Vision for SJS: more student input to improve student life (take suggestions for bookstore food, increased unity through fun house games, more participation in SAC through announcements of SAC meetings)
Known for: trolling
Homecoming theme: Under the sea blublublub
State of mind: eNerGetic

Michael VerMeulen
Campaign slogan: Vote for VerMeulen. Vote for Victory!
Vision for SJS: Asgard (we’re close too. We already have Thor-guard…)
Known for: beautiful red hair, liking movies too much, weird nicknames
Homecoming Theme: Geekdom
State of Mind: The Dude Abides

Gabe Malek
Campaign slogan: House renovation
Vision for SJS: a community in which students from all grades feel comfortable interacting with one another and a place where tradition is rich but where students aren’t afraid to innovate.
Known for: always holding a pencil and laughing uproariously
Homecoming theme: H-town (but I’ll let you decide 🙂 )
State of mind: jazzed

Hunter Hasley
Slogan: I got this.
Vision for SJS: Yes.
Homecoming theme: Superheroes.
Known for: Dazzling, Eagle Scout, and Throwing.
State of Mind: Texas

Alex Gajewski
Campaign slogan: You know Alex is the right Guy-yeski for the job.. I’m sorry.
Vision for SJS: Letting the good times roll (with the help of an active Student Affairs Council)
Known for: His. hair. is on FIIIIREEEE
Homecoming theme: Superheros or full on 60s
State of mind: T. Swift- Just Shake it Off

Emma Wertheimer
Campaign Slogan: Wert on the street is she’s a winner.
Vision for SJS: Make this the year they will all remember for the good reasons, leave a mark
Known for: being LOUD ALL THE TIME
Homecoming theme: THE ZOO
State of mind: *inside voice* LOL AS IF

Anirudh Suresh
Campaign slogan: Vote for Anirudh, he’s a cool Anidude.
Vision for SJS: To make the transition to the new facilities seamless, to improve Field Day, to endow all students with the magical forecasting powers of the Almighty Thor Guard
Known for: being mistaken for an underclassman, apparently being a doppelganger of Nas
Homecoming theme: Hollywood or Superheroes
State of mind: New York (see Nas reference above)

Joseph Hanson
Campaign Slogan: Handsome? Hanson? ¿Por qué no los dos?
Vision for SJS: Mutual respect and understanding. More importantly, though, breakfast for lunch.
Known for: my business-casual free dress day attire
Homecoming theme: Ironic Coachella
State of mind: Brooks Brothers

Amy Dong
Campaign slogan: you won’t go wrong if you vote for Dong
Vision for SJS: a closer SJS family, and more dumplings
Known for: hugs and my love for grapes (feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected])
Homecoming theme: dancing through the decades
State of mind: cheerfully optimistic

David Lu
Campaign slogan: Pork Dumplings.
Vision for SJS: No Flex Zone
Known for: Microfinance
Homecoming theme: Toga
State of Mind: Dynamic

Lillian Chen
Campaign slogan: Fish-Sophs-Juniors-Seniors are friends, not food 🙂
Vision for SJS: Blue and black/ white and gold/ red and black
Known for: Laughing and running and both at the same time.
Homecoming theme: Masquerade
State of mind: “If you can take it, you can make it… unless it’s steroids.”

Jennifer Trieschman
Campaign slogan: I’ll be your JENNY in a bottle- your wish is my command!!
Vision for SJS: nearsighted- improving SJS by focusing on this upcoming school year
Known for: smiling in the hallway (and my wheeze laugh)
Homecoming theme: cowboys and aliens
State of mind: work hard. play hard. smile a lot.

Pete Bechtol
Campaign slogan: Vote for Pedro
Vision for SJS: No Ragrets
Known for: Being a Freshman
Homecoming theme: Spaceballs
State of mind: Optimistic

Joe Faraguna
Campaign slogan: go for Joe
Vision for SJS: the return of the make-your-own-sandwich bar
Known for: cross country
Homecoming theme: bandwagoning even more on Justise
State of mind: open

Mason Speed
Campaign slogan: Need for Speed
Vision for SJS:20/20 but I have astigmatism
Known for: Underground smash
Homecoming theme: Whata
State of mind: Rattled

Richard Appel
Campaign slogan: You want something done? Richard is the one!
Vision for SJS: Strong inter-grade connections and SJS pride.
Known for: Fencing, Sailing, Eco-marathon, German
Homecoming theme: Colorful 70s
State of mind: Eternally optimistic!

Namanh Kapur
Campaign slogan:You voting for them? Nah man, I’m voting for you!
Vision for SJS: 20/5 (Eagle Eyes)
Known for: Being international (namely Parisian), Dancing at Homecoming
Homecoming theme: Back to the Future
State of mind: Aspiring Rap God

Reed Brace
Campaign slogan: Vote for Reed, please.
Vision for SJS: Modern with respect to tradition
Known for: my dank memes
Homecoming theme: Upper School Vote!
State of mind: New York