Kinkaid Week: ‘Roaring Mavs’ Homecoming dance sends students back to the ’20s


Eshna Das

Seniors Austin Fiorito and Maddie Kim flaunt their ’20s gear at the Homecoming dance.

Aleena Gilani and Elizabeth Hu

On Monday night, the School stepped back into the frivolity and fervor of the Roaring Twenties. Gold and black decor adorned the walls, and students arrived clad in fedoras, feathers and fringe. 

This year’s Homecoming dance, aptly titled ‘Roaring Mavs,’ was held on Oct. 24. The dance is held annually on the last Monday of October and is followed by a much-needed day off. 

“Homecoming allowed students to connect with each other, have a shared experience and just let loose,” Upper School Dean of Students Bailey Duncan said.

The dance, planned by the Student Affairs Council and Duncan, is one of the largest events of the school year. Everyone in SAC played a role in running Homecoming this year, from manning the snacks and drinks tables to choosing the DJ and setting up the photo booth.

“I wanted everyone in SAC to get involved,” Head Prefect Claire Schwanauer said. “We spent a full meeting just popcorning ideas for what sodas we want and how we want to serve them.”

SAC’s Shirley Temples and colorful array of candy helped bring the 1920s theme to life. Themes are one of the trademarks of the School’s Homecomings: months before the actual event, all Upper School students have the opportunity to vote on the one for the dance. 

While the themes are not part of a traditional Homecoming, they allow for a more casual spin on the typically formal event.

“It’s more accessible, more fun and more St. John’s-y,” Duncan said.

This year’s theme was especially versatile: students dressed in a variety of costumes, each adding their own flair to the 1920s look. Pocket watches and bejeweled headbands were a staple. 

“Everybody really dived into the theme,” freshman Erin Bray said. “We came together and decided that we’re going to make this look good.”

Homecoming is only one of the many Kinkaid Week festivities, culminating in the Kinkaid Game between the Maverick and Falcon football teams. Before Homecoming, seniors “dressed like Kinkaid” during the school day, flaunting purple and gold capes and crowns. 

For Schwanauer, these events—especially the dance—help relieve stress built up over a long month of PSATs, college applications and a seemingly endless slew of tests.

October is notoriously known as ‘Hell month’ at St. John’s, so having Homecoming gives people something to look forward to,” Schwanauer said. “Since it’s a casual event, it’s just a way for people to have fun after working so hard.”

For many freshmen, the transition to high school can be stressful and overwhelming. Homecoming gives them an opportunity to relax with people from different grade levels.

“There was a lot of grade mingling,” Bray said. “It was a good chance to hang out and just dance with everybody.”

Kinkaid Week will finish with the Kinkaid Game on Friday, Oct. 28. The game will be held at Rice Stadium and kicks off at 7 pm.