Photos provide new lens into school’s past

Michael VerMeulen, Staff Writer

New faces are in the hallways: former SJS students who have been preserved in photographs that now line the walls of the Quad. With only about 85 photographs chosen from the eight-decade history of SJS, admissions officers had to choose carefully.

“We tried to create a balance between all of the facets of SJS life such as sports, fine arts and community service,” Director of Communications Susan Munson said.

Headmaster Mark Desjardins proposed the idea for decorating the halls with photos from SJS history.

“His idea was to try to tell a story of SJS from its beginning in the 1940s to now,” admission assistant Jennifer Bowen said. “He wanted to bring a warmth to the hallways by showing the school’s history.”

Members of the SJS community have already started noticing the pictures, and some have found personal connections to them.

“I have found three family members in the pictures, including my mom,” French teacher Shelley Stein said. “It’s really wonderful to see all of these old photos.”