Fall One Acts cast transforms into zombies

Mia Baumann and Ryan Doughty

Covered in hanging flesh oozing fake blood, junior Cai Flowers transforms into her zombie counterpart as she prepares to take the stage as part of the cast of Zombies for Dummies, the latest installation of the Fall One Acts, running for two shows on Sunday, Oct. 20 in the Black Box Theater. 

The production, directed by Head of Fine Arts Bill McDonald and theater director Kat Cordes, is a compilation of 19 10-minute scenes from many plays and includes sketches about humans surviving a zombie apocalypse and zombies portraying characters from other plays including Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet

Laney Chang
Freshman Noelle Alexander finishes sophomore Eve Kroencke’s zombie makeup.

Sophomore Lindsay Frankfort, who portrays Zombie Juliet in one piece and a human in another, changes from a three-layers of makeup, complete with fake blood, back to street clothes and standard stage makeup for her other scene. 

With a cast of 28, the One Acts require many makeup artists to assist with the zombie makeover. A team of three parents and three students attended a zombie makeup workshop led by a professional makeup artist to learn the secrets behind making liquid latex prosthetics with tissue paper to simulate the look of peeling skin and dripping blood.

Laney Chang
Director Kat Cordes applies a fake cheek to sophomore Alex Aitken, who plays a zombie in the One Acts.

Combat sequences require a lot of props, including swords and whips, adding a layer of complexity to the production. 

“It’s difficult to act with swords because you have to be careful not to stab people at the wrong time,” stage manager Nathan Titterington said. “The fight choreography has to be perfect.” 

The One Acts require less time commitment than other theater productions and provide a greater opportunity for more actors to get valuable rehearsal time and experience on stage.

“I like acting in the One Acts because they’re more focused on you,” Frankfort said. “You can perfect every aspect of your scene and really spend time on facial expressions and getting the combat right to make it look realistic.”

The Fall One Acts are on Oct. 20 at 2:00 and 5:00 in the Black Box Theater. Click here to order tickets.