Make Up Your Mind: La Rappresentante di Lista’s “Go Go Diva”


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La Rappresentante di Lista’s “Go Go Diva” features complex and rhythmic music.

Sophia Kontos, Online Editor-in-Chief

I found the Italian band La Rappresentante di Lista by falling into a rabbit hole of “Fans Also Like” clicks on Spotify. This review is a little unusual. Typically, I’d talk about the musicality and lyrics of an album. I don’t speak Italian, so I have no idea what the lyrics are saying. Honestly, not knowing the lyrics helps me enjoy this album even more. Let me explain.

La Rappresentante di Lista’s Go Go Diva is pure escapism. When I recommended the album to a friend, I attempted to encapsulate the album: “Italian pop / indie / disco adjacent.” I knew this description didn’t nearly do the album justice. Once my friend listened to it, he described it as the “Italian Grouplove.” While La Rappresentante di Lista and Grouplove share similar tendencies, this moniker still fails to completely capture the pulsing heart of Go Go Diva.

So, how does not understanding the lyrics enhance the listening experience? Not speaking Italian means I’m not hung up on figuring out the “intended meaning” of every song or trying to learn the lyrics perfectly. When I jam out to this album, I hum along or sing the very few words I can pick out. Mostly, I butcher the words so badly that I end up laughing at myself. In those moments, I’m transported back to elementary school when I made up my own languages.

Layered underneath the lyrics, the music that drives this album is complex and rhythmic. It’s the perfect music for a solo dance party. This album has easily become my go-to pick-me-up album since it’s the perfect upbeat counterpoint to my typically chill choices. The songs are percussive and designed for clapping and stomping. In fact, “Alibi” features hand clapping as one of its layers. Most songs feature horns, a funky bass line, guitar and synths along with the vocals and the percussion. I’ve listened to this album repeatedly, yet each time I listen, I find new layers. It’s that nuanced.

Half-way through the album, on “Giovane femmina,” the instrumentation is stripped back, revealing lead vocalist Veronica Lucchesi’s pleading voice. Usually, the vocals layer onto the instrumentation, but on “Giovane femmina,” Lucchesi’s voice carries the song. Along with “Giovane femmina,” “Guarda como sono diventata” and “Panico” feature vocals on top of bare instrumentation. However, all three songs feel like moments of reflection amidst a wonderfully chaotic jungle of an album. La Rappresentante di Lista’s versatility is one of their most impressive feats. Not only do they make beautifully complex songs anchored by strong vocals, but each of the 11 songs feels fresh like walking into a new room of a Kusama exhibit, trippy large-scale installation art projects.

Go Go Diva will serve all your needs. Dance party for one? “Gloria.” Car jam session? “Alibi.” Moment of quiet? “Giovane femmina.” When you listen to this album, revel in the complex layers and the beautiful words that mean nothing (unless you speak Italian!). If you need a way to feel good Monday morning (or whenever), I’d prescribe this album in all its heady glory.

Best song: “Alibi” or “Giovane femmina”

Best moment: 1:22 on “Gloria”

Best lyric: It’s pretty fun to sing “Maledetta tenerezza something something something something eh eh eh eh ah ah ah ah” on “Maledetta tenerezza”

Rating: 4.5/5