Girls’ soccer celebrates Senior Night with 5-1 win over St. Stephen’s


Lucia Valderrabano

The team huddles before the game. As of Feb. 1, the girls are undefeated in SPC counter games.

Lucia Valderrabano, Staff Writer

Leading up to their game against St. Stephen’s, the girls’ soccer team had yet to lose a single counter game. Although some of the players were apprehensive about the game, the team went on to defeat St. Stephen’s 5-1. 

On Jan. 25, the team celebrated Senior Night after their game against St. Stephen’s. Senior Night recognizes the seniors for their accomplishments, not just during the 2018-2019 season, but throughout their entire soccer career. An announcer described each senior’s history on the team as the seniors walked out on by one onto the field with their parents.

Despite having the biggest varsity roster in the team’s history, there are only five seniors on the team: Shelby Desroches, Sara Lichtarge and captains Stephanie Sarkar, Camila Sabisky and Lilah Gaber.  Freshmen make up about a third of the team, but despite the age differences, the whole team considers themselves a family, with the seniors acting as “team moms.”

“The seniors always hype us up and get us ready to play before every game,” freshman Olivia Pieper said.

Lucia Valderrabano
Jessie Beck and Saviana Augustine (both ’22) stand with their Senior Night poster. Freshmen wore these posters throughout the day to promote the game against St. Stephen’s.

The seniors and their parents have organized several team dinners and a team trip to Galveston over winter break. Before every game, the team has a huddle without the coaches, in which the captains prepare the team for game time.

“You have to control the energy on the field because it really rubs off on the rest of the team,” Desroches said.

Some of the seniors have watched the team grow and advance since freshman year, growing and improving every season. The team has yet to win SPC, but this year, they are confident about their chances at the championship.

“We’ve just gotten better,” Sarkar said. “We’ve made history every single year, and we’re excited to make it again.”