AP French students contemplate apocalyptic landscape at Rice’s Moody Center

Sophia Lima, Copy Editor

After the apocalypse, nature will survive but modern way of life will cease to exist. That was one message imparted by French contemporary artist Michel Blazy, who spoke to French students on Thursday, Jan. 24.

Students from the AP French Language and Culture class visited Blazy’s installation “We Were the Robots” on view at the Moody Center for the Arts at Rice University. The students also had the opportunity to meet Blazy and hear his own interpretation of the meaning behind the piece.

The installation is in a 2,875 square foot room and features a base of 10,000 pounds of charcoal and water. Strewn throughout the installation are blackened transport pallets representing the means of receiving consumer goods and the waste associated with human consumption. Blazy creates a contrast by incorporating natural plants and inorganic items.

Blue walls surrounding the installation are made of agar agar powder and blue food coloring. The dry air of the room causes the walls to peel, demonstrating what is happening to the ozone. His works center on themes of the exploitation of the living, observation of organisms and evolutionary works.

This piece is the first exhibition of the Paris-based artist’s work in Houston, and it will be on display for the public until May 18.