Nine Nifty Nooks: Top places to study on campus

Roosh Bhosale, Copy Editor

Because the library is undergoing massive renovation, students need to get creative when it comes to finding new places to study, relax or socialize. Here are our top nine suggestions for places to work (or chill) until the new library opens.

1: Flores Hall

2: Any classroom with a good couch

3: The bathrooms in Flores Hall (they are bright, spacious and usually quiet)

Reygan Jones

4: The tunnel elevator (works great as a conference room if you don’t get stuck)

Reygan Jones

5: Inside a cubby*

Reygan Jones

*size restrictions may apply, priority given to freshmen

6: The red chairs on the second floor of the quad (table not included)

7: The waiting area outside Frankel Mezzanine and the Admissions Office (pretend you’re a prospective student)

Reygan Jones

8: Behind the copiers and printers where the Quad dead-ends by the library

9: By the West Farish Hall fireplace (best in the winter when there’s a fire)

Reygan Jones