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Grace Sanders

Wesley Gow

Wesley Gow

Wesley Gow

Nickname: Fish

Next Netflix Binge: “The Office” (again)

Comfort Food: Dip and Dots

Dream job: Travelling Circus

Favorite spot on campus: Great Lawn

Weird Hobby: Playing Smash 64

Quirk: Everything about me

Favorite Word: Goose

Favorite Animal: Goose

Song to Describe your life: “22” by Taylor Swift

Love to Hate: Key Lime Pie

Hate to Love: Taylor Swift

Relationship Status: Single

Celebrity You’d Want to Meet: Taylor Swift

Olympic Sport: Fencing

Dream Date: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Phobia: Anything that slithers or creeps

Doppelganger: My dad

Known for: Being an only Child

Book: “1984”

Movie: “Count of Monte Cristo”

Follow us: Since day 1

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