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From left: seniors Dylan May, Travis Allday, Mark Laborde, Drew Woodfolk and Julien Fenouil enjoy coffee at the Rice Village Starbucks.

Coffee Club

Whether they’re drinking a hot cup of joe or discussing fair trade, coffee drinkers and enthusiasts come together in the newly-formed Coffee Club.

Seniors Drew Woodfolk and Dylan May started the club this year as a place for self-proclaimed caffeine enthusiasts to meet and discuss flavors, sourcing methods and all things coffee.

“Coffee Club is just a nice time for coffee lovers to come together and enjoy a nice brew and learn more about coffee,” Woodfolk said.

The group gets together monthly and brews their own coffee at the school meetings. They often go for a different theme, such as Costa Rican coffee, at each gathering. The two club leaders usually enjoy self-made drinks during club gatherings, but say that they still enjoy the St. John’s Cafe java. They also accredit Keno Clarke, the barista most often seen in the cafe, with having improved the school’s coffee.

“[Mr. Clarke] really made the coffee program at St. John’s what it is today and instilled a love of coffee in a lot of students,” Woodfolk said.

May thinks that Coffee Club gives coffee lovers an opportunity to socialize over their drinks, making for a more enjoyable java drinking experience.

“It’s really more of a social gathering than just drinking coffee by yourself, which is no fun,” May said.

The two leaders say that they grew to enjoy coffee more in Upper School because it helped them stay energized through their intense workloads. According to Woodfolk, Coffee Club has gained a significant junior following since its founding this year.

“Given all the stresses that come with junior year, a lot of juniors are turning to the caffeine,” Woodfolk said.

For the students who don’t usually drink or enjoy coffee, Woodfolk and May still recommend coming to a Coffee Club meeting to hang out.

“Even if coffee doesn’t hit your palette, we’ve got something to talk about in coffee club with you,” Woodfolk said.

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