Kinkaid Week bolsters Maverick spirit before homecoming game


Grace Sanders

Chidsey runs out onto the field.

On Monday morning, the VST tunnel was lined with flowers, streamers, yellow wallpaper, and cutouts of the football players’ and cheerleaders’ faces. Chalk decorations covered the plaza, while balloons and disco balls spotted the hallways.

To mark the beginning of Kinkaid Week, seniors wandered through these “Groovy”-themed halls dressed like Kinkaid students. While boys were clad in preppy clothing such as polo shorts, khaki shorts, and Sperry’s, girls typically wore purple or cheetah-print outfits, boas, and tiaras.

Some St. John’s cheerleaders switched uniforms with Kinkaid cheerleaders. While St. John’s students typically wear preppy outfits, Kinkaid students, who have “Dress like St. John’s” Day, aim for a nerdy look. Senior Mia Guien got in touch with her cheerleader friend at Kinkaid and wore her cheer uniform.

“I love anything that differs from a school uniform,” Guien said. “I’ve been looking forward to this since freshman year.”

Even seniors who preferred to dress down enjoyed the day.

“Some people had really creative outfits, and you could tell they put effort and thought into it, which I appreciated,” Riya Chakraborty said.

Throughout the week, students will have more opportunities to dress up. Thursday is “Camouflage Day” for fall varsity athletes and seniors, while Friday is “Red and Black Day” for all students.


On Thursday afternoon, the campus was replete with energy and high spirits as the Friday night football game against Kinkaid approached. Students clad in camouflage or Astros outerwear (because of their historic World Series win!) gathered on Skip Lee Field for the annual All-School Pep Rally, which is intended to encourage school spirit for the football game.

Middle school, JV, and varsity cheerleaders led classic cheers such as Mavericks Are We, the Boom Pyramid, and the Cookie Monster Cheer, during which kindergarteners sat on football players’ and cheerleaders’ shoulders and led a cheer. They also led the Victory Cheer, where the Lower School, Middle School, Upper School, and seniors competed to cheer the loudest and most spirited (the Lower School won). The Maverick Guard, which consists of senior girls, rescued the football captains from the Kinkaid Falcon and filled the event with spirit and cheers.

“Being part of the Maverick Guard was really fun because I had been looking forward to it since sixth grade,” senior Elizabeth Award said. “It was bittersweet having my last pep rally.”

Meanwhile, Drum Corps played upbeat songs and brought a new level of liveliness to the event.

“All of us worked really hard, and I’m very proud of how we did,” junior drummer Maggie Allegar said. “My favorite part was probably being able to see all of the different grades come together and have a lot of school spirit.”

Most students agree that the pep rally fulfilled its purpose in creating excitement for the game.

“It was fun and encouraging for everyone,” sophomore Betsy Hook said. “It gave off a good aura for the game and got everyone pepper up. I also liked all the cheers.”

The game is on Friday, November 3 is at Rice Stadium at 7:00, but the Family Picnic and tailgating begins at 5:30.