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The group celebrates their second place trophy after the awards ceremony.

Vikram Kapur

The group celebrates their second place trophy after the awards ceremony.

Symposium Results

1st place medals:

Lucian Bennett-Brandt: Piano Solo

Mia Fares: Listening Comprehension, Level 2

Catherine Gorman: Vocabulary, Level 3

Vivek Kapur: Guided Speaking, Level 5/6

Raunak Kundagrami: Guided Speaking, Listening Comprehension; Level 4

Tara Samson-Williams: Civilization, Level 3

Joshua Tsai: Grammar, Level 3

Irene Vazquez: Civilization, Listening Comprehension; Level 5/6

Sandcastle Competition (Compétition de Château de Sable): Castle created by Alexis DePinho, Shelby Jordan, Catherine & Margaret Gorman

2nd place medals:

Elise Anthony: Prose, Level 3

Sophie Gillard: Sight Reading, Level 4

Margaret Gorman: Vocabulary, Level 3

Sophia Kontos: Dictée, Level 4

Tara Samson-Williams: Grammar, Level 3

Irene Vazquez: Dictée, Vocabulary; Level 5/6

Drama Group (débutant – beginner): “Rhinocéros”

Lawrence Appel, Mia Fares, Natasha Faruqui, Sophia Lima, Abbie-Louise Lord, Marcela Madrid, Abigail Price, Shelby Wilson

3rd place medals:

Mia Fares: Guided Speaking, Level 2

Margaret Gorman: Grammar, Listening Comprehension; Level 2

Vivek Kapur: Listening Comprehension, Level 5-6

Sara Lichtarge: Sight Reading, Level 3

Abigail Price: Listening Comprehension, Vocabulary; Level 2

Joshua Tsai: Guided Speaking, Level 3

4th Place Ribbons

Elise Anthony: Sight Reading, Level 3

Mia Fares: Grammar, Level 2

Natasha Faruqui: Listening Comprehension, Grammar; Level 2

Sophie Gillard: Listening Comprehension, Level 4

Catherine Gorman: Civilization, Listening Comprehension, Grammar; Level 3

Sophia Kontos: Drama Solo, Prose; Level 4

Raunak Kundagrami: Grammar, Civilization; Level 4

Joshua Tsai: Vocabulary, Level 3

5th Place Ribbons

Mia Fares: Civilization, Level 2

Vivek Kapur: Sight Reading, Level 5/6

Sophia Kontos: Listening Comprehension, Level 4

Sara Lichtarge: Civilization, Level 3

Sophia Lima: Civilzation, Level 2

Abigail Price: Sight Reading, Level 2

Irene Vazquez: Grammar, Level 5/6

Tara Samson-Williams: Vocal Solo, Vocabulary; Level 3

Natasha Faruqui: Bande Dessinée (comics), level 2

Scrapbook Team: Headed by Margaret and Catherine Gorman

Vocal Group (“Elle me Dit”):

Elise Anthony, Juliana Aviles, Josephine Dodd, Sophie Gillard, Sophia Kontos, Raunak Kundagrami, Abigail Price, Tara Samson-Williams

6th place Ribbons

Eleanor Devetski: Grammar, Level 2

Mia Fares: 3-D Project; Vocabulary, Level 2

Sophie Gillard: Vocabulary, Level 4

Catherine Gorman: Dictée, Level 3

Margaret Gorman: Civilization, Level 3

Raunak Kundagrami: Vocabulary, Level 4

Sophia Kontos: Vocabulary, Level 4

Catherine and Margaret Gorman: Bande Dessinée (comics), Level 3

Drama Group (Advanced):”La Farce de Maître Pathelin”

Eli Maierson, Juliana Aviles, Tara Samson-Williams, Caroline Burnett, Josephine Dodd





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