Soccer scores two victories over St. Stephen’s

Prithvi Krishnarao, Assistant Design Editor

After wins in their first SPC counter matches, boys’ and girls’ soccer look forward to another winter SPC in Houston.

Boys’ are 10-3-1 for the season, and the girls’ are 6-5-1. Both teams won against St. Stephens’ for their first SPC counter matches on Jan. 6 at Scotty Caven Field. Girls won 4-0, compared to a 0-2 loss against St. Stephen’s last year.   

“The score reflects the way that we played,” girls’ starter sophomore Camila Sabisky said. “It’s probably the best we’ve played thus far.”

Boys’ won 2-0, an improvement over a 0-0 tie last year.

“Practices over the last week allowed us to improve our passing game, which really helped us in the first half and score some really good goals,” boys’ starter sophomore Kenji Chevray said.

Grace Sanders
Sophomore Sara Lichtarge clears the ball during the girls’ game against Episcopal High School.


The players pushed through near freezing temperatures during the night.

“What I remember most was that it was really, really cold,” senior captain Ellie Faraguna said. “We are proud that our team could do so well under these extreme circumstances.”

Freshmen and other new players have had an impact on both teams. Freshmen who joined the boys’ team include Ian Mayral Boyle, Martin Schumacher, Alec Jazaeri, and Ryan Doughty.

“The freshmen are really good,” said sophomore William Wallace, who plays midfield and goalie for the boys’ team. “They get a lot of playing time, and as a result we get to see styles of soccer that we haven’t seen before. They make the game more dynamic for us and for our opponents.”

Eight freshman joined the girls’ team this year.

“It’s a lot different from last year when we had a lot of seniors,” girls’ starter sophomore Stephanie Sarkar said. “It’s more about team building with the freshmen and we are trying to build a relationship with them.”

Last season, boy’s soccer reached the SPC final for the first time in 30 years. They ultimately lost to Episcopal in the championships and placed second overall, a feat they seek to surpass this year. Girls’ soccer placed fifth in SPC last season.

“Our team has confidence this year,” Wallace said. “Last year, we thought that we would get into the SPC tournament, win a game, and then maybe lose, but we actually got second place. We now not only believe that we can get to the finals, but that we can win.”