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The official student newspaper of St. John's School.

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Infobox Special: Halloween-Themed Opinions

Boo!! In this special infobox containing 7 mini articles, Upper School students share their opinions on Halloween-themed topics.
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Freshmen Amina Zegar, Sarah Clark, Ally Hong, Bella Dodig, Nia Shetty, Journey Zulueta, Emily Matthews-Ederington and Ella Hughes and junior Lucy Walker share their thoughts on Halloween-themed topics.
“You look so old for your age” (Amina Zegar)

Being Egyptian, I wanted to be Cleopatra for Halloween. I was with my mom when I searched up costumes on Pinterest.

To say she almost had a heart attack would be an understatement. Every costume showed more skin than I was comfortable with, and as we continued scrolling through the pictures, I became more and more frustrated until I shut my computer in defeat.

As I began to research other ideas, I realized that almost every costume a woman could wear has been sexualized, whether it be a princess or dinosaur. And it’s not just during Halloween—women’s bodies are constantly objectified. No matter what she wears, either being shamed for wearing too little or too much. Social media platforms like TikTok show children our age (of all genders) that they are expected to mature at a far faster rate. More stress is put on children when it comes to grades, sports and relationships.

This pressure makes teens feel like they have to act older in order to fit in. Young women may feel the need to wear less so that they can feel respected. Even though young women may not feel comfortable with wearing hyper-sexualized clothing, Halloween provides the perfect outlet for these feelings as dressing in uncommon ways is already an expectation.

Even though unfair expectations for women are a reality in our world, everyone should have the ability to dress in what makes them most comfortable, whatever that might be. So yes, I'm still dressing as Cleopatra. I want to.

Top Ten Couple Costumes (Amina Zegar)

1. Jake from State Farm and Flo from Progressive

If you and your partner like to make people laugh, this insurance item is perfect.  This quirky costume is made to wow and definitely will receive a few giggles. 

2. Alfredo Linguini and Remi from Ratatouille 

This costume is perfect for Disney fans. All you need is some mouse ears and a chef hat to make this one work!

3. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider from Tangled 

This is the perfect costume for the perfect couple. You can keep the costume simple or decide to go all-out with some fun hair extensions.

4. Meg and Hercules from Hercules

This costume is perfect  for the couples who love to work out together. Hercules is great for anyone who wants to show off some arm muscles.

5. Barbie and Ken

For the basic couples who don't care too much about Halloween or have no idea what to wear, this costume is a fun last-minute idea. All you have to have is pink, and of course, beach!

6. Statue of Liberty and a NYC tourist 

Great for couples who like to travel. 

7. Harley Quinn and the Joker

If you and your partner share a love for DC, this costume will be a lot of fun. While a messy costume it will be one to remember.

8. Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo

If you want a nostalgic costume, these meddling kids are the way to go. Don’t forget the Scooby snacks!

9. Chucky and Tiffany

While you may scare some trick-or-treaters, this costume is still a lot of fun, especially for redheads 

10. Perry the Platypus and Doctor Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb 

This iconic Phineas and Ferb costume is sure to receive a lot of compliments and laughs.

Candy Trading (Amina Zegar)

Trading Halloween candy has been a tradition since the beginning of spooky times. Kids gather around after running around the neighborhood trying to find the best sweet treats. It is imperative that all trick-or-treaters be knowledgeable in the science of trick-or-trading to ensure that they get the best candy possible without getting scammed. Here are some tips  on how to elevate your trading this Halloween. 

Full size anything = at least 3 mini sour patches.

If you were lucky enough to find the house that gives out full size candy bars, you're in luck! With a little bargaining you could get anything you want.

1 fun-size Sour Patch = 1 Reese’s Cup

If you enjoy a salty and sweet snack over a sour one, trading a sour patch for a Reese’s cup is a smart candy investment.

1 Reese’s Cup = 2 Hershey kisses 

If you are into chocolate but not peanut butter, trading your friends for two hershey kisses is the way to go.

1 Hershey kiss = 40 Butterfingers 

This trade will take a lot of convincing but if you give away all your Butterfingers, you may be able to snag a hershey kiss. If you don’t know what to do with your extra Butterfinger, give them to your parents as they tend to be a hit with people over 40.

Trade wisely. 

Halloween Movies (Sarah Clark)

Since I was small, I’ve always been unable to watch horror movies. Proudly raised on Scooby Doo, Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus, I never understood the appeal of being subjected to jump scares, gore and terror. It seems unnecessary to fill the screen with images of blood, guts and every conceivable nightmare. 

Yet, as I’ve investigated the genre, I’ve realized how acutely it reflects the viewers of the time’s fears. Horror, a multi-faceted genre, presents any confident viewer with an array of options including, but not limited to slashers, zombie apocalypses, psychological terrors, demons, ghosts, clown, and anything one's brave heart desires. 

Of course, that fickle courage abandoned me the moment I began browsing movie titles. Call me childish, but I dislike the idea that when you become a teenager you abandon light-hearted Halloween movies in favor of horror. Is it immature to prefer the Sanderson Sisters to Michael Myers? 

I respect those bolder than me for watching horror films unflinchingly. Perhaps I’m more sensitive or have less reign over my imagination, but let this be a wake-up-call to the horror-movie fanatics out there: not everyone can do it. 

All respect to the people who can bounce back the next morning after watching a horror movie; I am jealous. While I may come to appreciate the genre, you know what I’ll be watching this Halloween. 

Pumpkin Spice Listicle (Ally Hong, Bella Dodig, Nia Shetty, Journey Zulueta)


Every year, you spend hundreds of dollars on the new pumpkin spice products at your favorite store, Starbucks. At this point, your blood is composed of 70% water and 30% that new Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. You're the person who would set up camp outside of your local Starbucks just to be the first to try the new fall drinks.   


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, you think you’re Gordon Ramsay, but in reality you’re finishing up your application for Nailed It: Fall Edition. You never follow the recipes because your impromptu ideas are always better. Before believing that this butter will save you, maybe try some cooking classes.


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, you obviously have fall decor in your room, a fall wallpaper and UGGslippers. You watch Hocus Pocus, Casper and Beetlejuice, but you’re too scared to watch Scream. You planned your Halloween costume in the middle of summer and like to believe that you’re good at pumpkin carving. 


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, you’re the type of person to throw parties for every holiday. Whether it be National Stuffed Animal Day or your quarter birthday, you somehow always find something to celebrate. You’re the reason why none of your friends have any free time, and you’ve probably tried about a thousand different cookie flavors by now.

Scented Trash bags by Hefty

If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, you’ve probably already thrown out your summer decorations by August (in these trash bags of course) to expedite the start of your favorite season, fall. Your favorite weather is a crisp 70 degrees and you’re currently rewatching all 7 seasons of the TV series “Gilmore Girls” for the tenth time.


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, then you’ve probably made quite the collection of candles with some of the most unique scents. You go to Bath and Body Works every single weekend, searching for products you’ve never seen before (which are REALLY hard to find).


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, you’re most likely a little kid who consumes roughly 10 GoGo Squeezes a day. Or maybe you're just an adult who didn’t read the label on the box and unintentionally tossed them in your shopping cart.


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, you’re trying to be special and had to pick something different. You are probably always willing to try the new cool item, but will throw it away the second it is considered out of season. What a waste of pumpkin spice gum (although nobody wanted to eat it anyways)! 


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, you got on the wrong side of TikTok and was peer pressured into buying this. Yet despite your dislike of it, you tell everybody how great it is because of your fear of rejection. 


If this is your favorite pumpkin spice item, then you tried this for bragging rights and your need for attention. You probably have a YouTube channel doing TikTok Bchallenges and are considered the class clown in your friend group. Have fun trying the new pumpkin spice themed hot chip challenge. 

Top Halloween Movies (Sarah Clark, Emily Matthews-Ederington, Ella Hughes)

Science Pet Sematary

When students return to campus after the pandemic, they find all the science room animals are mysteriously dead. Deep in the trashcans of St. John’s lie the animals who captured the students’ hearts. As the students work to unravel the mystery, they find themselves in danger from the sinister forces behind the murders. 

Scream (midterms incoming)

As December crawls forth, a student who decided to get four hours of sleep instead of eight dies from midterms. Their friends soon determine the rules of midterms and vow to stay true to them. Yet, as the tests loom closer some chose not to follow. But not abiding by the rules could prove to be fatal. 

Dr. Acula

In this classic film, students are fascinated by a mysterious new teacher as a new school year starts. But a suspicious string of events lead students to wonder, does he just have an impeccable taste in capes or is he hungry for blood? 

Wednesday the 1st

It seemed to be an ordinary November day, but when the seniors applying for early decision begin to disappear, students start to feel an ominous presence on campus. Who could be killing the seniors and why? 

St. John's Horror Story: The B-

It was a fateful afternoon when students suddenly heard a cry of fright from a fellow classmate! “B-!” Suddenly the student begins to question their future. Will this grade be the death of them or will they survive to college? 

Nightmare on Claremont Street

In this cult classic, see how students are haunted by the vision of their computer dying in the middle of class every time they sleep! Did they remember to plug it in or will their dreams become a reality?

Exorcist (for the Quad)

Pranks, possession and pressure; this movie's got it all. Watch as the new senior class tries to rid the overbearing ghost of seniors past from their hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

Hereditary: Legacy or Merit

This October, follow a blissful middle schooler, content with their life until they begin to wonder whether their admission was truly due to their intelligence or just their older sibling’s attendance…

Get Out (of my class)!

Bad behavior and dress code violations; teachers revolt! The teachers take revenge on misbehaving children. Watch out for D-Halls, suspension, expulsion and more. 

Silence of the Sophomores

This summer, witness the effects invisibility has on the forgotten class...Wait who?

Halloween Spotify Playlists (Lucy Walker)

Moly Oldies (click link here)

A set of spooks that would be great in any ironically gory montage. With appearances by The Chordettes and Frank Sinatra, these songs will put the “uneasy” in “easy listening.”

Throwback Thrillers (click link here)

This collection of 2000s hits and soundtrack picks are sure to bring you back to days spent cozied up in front of Disney Channel and fall evenings spent glued to Nick at Nite. Perfect for Gen Zers.

Petrifying Pop (click link here)

For the basic witches, here’s a collection of killer top 40 picks. 

Pumpkin Spice (click link here)

More autumnal than scary, this one’s for all the people on their fifth rewatch of Gilmore Girls. If you enjoy a chiller mix, grab a coffee and give this list a listen.

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