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Freshmen Dalia Sandberg, Emma Arnold, Maddie Garrou and Lee Monistere share their thoughts on Taylor Swift’s album Midnights.

Putting the ‘Mid’ in ‘Midnights’: Taylor Swift’s latest is a mixed bag for dedicated fans

On Oct. 21, world-renowned singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her long-awaited 10th studio album Midnights at midnight. The album broke records as the most-streamed album in one day. 

This highly anticipated album fits right into the rest of Swift’s discography. It resembles her folklore and evermore lyrical skills while also strongly reminiscent of 1989, Lover and reputation. It captures Swift’s deepest thoughts and emotions during 13 of her sleepless nights, and it’s clear that she poured her heart and soul into this album.

For a long time, Swift has been telling her fans that she has always been a people–pleaser; however, in this album, the listener can hear Swift’s boldness come through as she takes this album in a different direction than ever before. 

This album’s genre is categorized as electronic pop with synth and has more explicit lyrics than any of her other albums: a refreshing change from her traditional pop and folk sound.

Because Swift had heavily advertised this album on social media, the stakes were high. Some tracks were highly praised by fans, while others were considered major letdowns. 

Here are our initial reactions and opinions on these songs (as of Oct. 22, one day after the album was released):

*Note: alongside Midnights, Swift also released an extra seven songs called ‘3am Edition.’ In this article, we review these songs too—we’ve labeled them as tracks fourteen through twenty, each marked with an asterisk.


Track One: Lavender Haze
Track Two: Maroon
Track Three: Anti-Hero
Track Four: Snow on the Beach (ft. Lana del Rey)
Track Five: You’re on Your Own, Kid
Track Six: Midnight Rain
Track Seven: Question…?
Track Eight: Vigilante S—–
Track Nine: Bejeweled
Track Ten: Labyrinth
Track Eleven: Karma
Track Twelve: Sweet Nothing
Track Thirteen: Mastermind
*Track Fourteen: The Great War
*Track Fifteen: Bigger Than the Whole Sky
*Track Sixteen: Paris
*Track Seventeen: High Infidelity
*Track Eighteen: Glitch
*Track Nineteen: Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve
*Track Twenty: Dear Reader

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