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Girls’ Volleyball

September 27, 2022

First place, second place, 2-0, 3-0.

Coming out of the preseason, St. John’s girls’ volleyball was already dominating the competition. On Aug. 27 they took the runner-up position at LCISD, going undefeated on their first day over the two-day tournament. On Sept. 3, the team swept the Santa Fe Classic tournament.

Holding one SPC championship under her belt and finishing no less than third each year, Shelbi Irvin, the girls’ volleyball head coach, has set her sights on another contention for an SPC championship. Irvin has high hopes for this group, made up of seniors down to freshmen and 10 returners.

“Eye on the prize,” Irvin said. “We’ve got a strong team.”

The preseason training started on Aug. 1, and over a two-week period, the group of 48 met twice a day, each practice building and binding a better team. Irvin loves the shift between the preseason and the season, seeing everything they work on flourish on the court.

“I think it’s a good experience for them to go through with their friends to really, really understand the culture and the standard that we’re trying to set within our program,” Irvin said. ”And so, the preseason translates really well because we get to see all of those things come to fruition when we start to play.”

Overall, Irvin is extremely confident in the strength of her new team.

“I really believe that if you do things the right way, the good things will happen. And this group is going about everything the right way.”

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