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Girls’ Cross Country

September 27, 2022

Like the boys’ cross country team, the girls’ cross country team also went on a retreat last summer.

“This year we chose to go to Seattle. We stayed at the University of Washington, and it was awesome,” said Rachel Fabre, girls’ cross country coach. “We don’t always stay at colleges, but if it works out with where we’re going, we’ll either visit the college or stay at the college.”

Besides players getting to discover a new city, the trip had other benefits too: the runners got to bond with their teammates, run in a unique environment and receive valuable feedback from their coaches.

Long before the trip, though, the runners had already been preparing for the fall season that summer.

“For the early parts of the summer, our primary goal was to build a foundation for our runners,” Fabre said. “We tried to get some speedwork in, but we aimed to focus on building a strong base. Once the retreat hit, we started trying to mimic what we were going to do when school started so that when school started it wasn’t a huge change.”

While one of Fabre’s goals for the season is to win SPC, her main hope is that every runner will be better than they were at the start of the season.

“[I want] every individual runner to feel their own level of success, whatever it may be,” Fabre said. “If that happens, then I feel as if it has been a successful season.”

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