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Annie Villa

Tendai Mufuka teaches history and photography.

Tendai Mufuka

Tendai Mufuka teaches history and photography.

What informed your decision to become a history teacher?
I lived in Zimbabwe for a few years where my dad was the director of the National Museum and Monuments. Our house was connected to the museum, so when I was in elementary school, I would follow my dad and do all the tours with him. I grew up surrounded by history.

Where have you vacationed, and which destination is your favorite? 
I have travelled a lot and each place is unique. Recently I’ve been to China, specifically Suzhou and Shanghai, Thailand and Malaysia. When it comes to beaches, I think the Caribbean is the best. The water is so blue, clear and warm. As for food, Malaysian food is insanely good. The food is a fusion of multiple cultures such as Chinese, Portuguese, and Taiwanese. The combination of spices and ingredients are limitless.

What are your hobbies outside of teaching?
I love biking, eating and cooking. I’ve never understood (how) people love eating food but don’t like cooking. I love them both equally. Recently I have gotten into cycling. I try to cycle 20-30 miles each week.

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