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Meeah Bradford

Nickname: none, sometimes go by meem
Dream Job: large animal veterinarian
Favorite Spot on Campus: Ms. Hunt’s office
Weird Hobby: showering like 3-4 times a day
Quirk: only eating the blue froot loops
Theme Song: “Heart of Glass” – Blondie
Patronus: otter
Love to Hate: procrastination, laundry
Hate to Love: Teen Titans Go
Relationship Status: taken <3
Red Carpet Date: Yung Gravy
Phobia: cockroaches and caterpillars
Doppelgänger: my dad mainly lol, maybe Jhene Aiko?
Known for: being injured all the time
Book: “Where the Red Fern Grows” – Wilson Rawls
Zodiac Sign: gemini sun, taurus moon, virgo rising (i have no idea what all that means, take from this what you like)
Slogan: “steeze”
Allergies: apples
Follow Me?: meeahbradford

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