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Liv Rubenstein

Nickname: Olivia (with a British accent)
Dream Job: SNL writer/rollerskating lawyers
Favorite Spot on Campus: wherever the party is, baby (Plaza)
Weird Hobby: anxiety baking
Quirk: I still cannot drive
Theme Song: “Green Light” – Lorde
Patronus: your sleep paralysis demon
Love to Hate: that TikTok sound that goes “waking up in the morning”
Hate to Love: serial killer documentaries at 3 a.m. (school nights)
Relationship Status: your new step-mom
Red Carpet Date: Matthew Gray Gubler and/or Kat Dennings
Phobia: wheel-less shoes/rolling down the stairs
Doppelgänger: Meg Rubenstein
Known for: skating on Freshman boys’ feet (and into walls)
Book: “Aria” – Nazanine Hozar
Zodiac Sign: Blood Moon
Slogan: Liv or Die Trying
Allergies: WEAK MEN (and mangos)
Follow Me?: @johnmemelaney (Twitter)

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