Senior updates Mav App to include new schedule, class assignments, Zoom links


Courtesy of Mav App

Saadia updated the Mav App to reflect the new schedule.

On the first day of school, Lauren Baker’s phone buzzed with a notification, reminding her to join the Zoom meeting for her first class. As a new ninth grade student, Baker was facing a number of challenges, and the Mav App helped make things a little bit easier.

Having just moved from New Jersey, Baker found the Mav App “extremely helpful because it helps me schedule my homework, keep my schedule accessible and know where my classes are.” 

Senior Ethan Saadia developed the Mav App in 2016 to allow Middle and Upper School students to view and manage their schedule. 

Four years after the app’s launch, Saadia continues to provide updates and had to scramble to release the latest iteration in October after receiving the latest schedule update to reflect the full-density schedule.  

I don’t think I could survive school without it.

— Brandon Lozano

Other updates include a Zoom link organizer, dark mode, an assignments feature and new platforms from which students can access their schedules.

With the continued need to access remote classes, Saadia added the ability to open classes and Zoom directly from the app. Instead of copy-and-pasting or AirDropping the Zoom link onto their computers, students can now directly join Zoom meetings by clicking on a class on Mav App through their Mac. 

“Mav app’s goal has always been to get you to where you need to be as fast as possible,” Saadia said. 

Saadia came up with the idea for the App the summer before St. John’s switched to the rotating, seven-day schedule in 2017. 

The Mav App updates include a Zoom link organizer, dark mode, an assignments feature and new platforms from which students can access their schedules. (Courtesy of Mav App)

“My goal was to put all the information for the schedule [on an app],” Saadia said, “so that you can open your phone and see it within one tap.”

Upper and Middle School students can use iPhones, Chromebooks, Apple Watches, Android devices and Macs to access the Mav App.

“At my old school, we didn’t have an app, so it was pretty cool how [Saadia] made an easier way to learn our classes,” Baker said.

Saadia has also designed other apps. Inspired by the Mav App, Clink is available to anyone and used for only the Zoom link feature, and Wayt helps coordinate curbside pickup and shopping appointments.

Even after he graduates, Saadia will continue helping the St. John’s community.

“As a product and not a school-sponsored organization like a club, Mav App won’t be going anywhere,” Saadia said.

Sophomore Brandon Lozano has used the Mav App since eighth grade. 

“I don’t think I could survive school without it,” sophomore Brandon Lozano said. “For Upper Schoolers or anyone, honestly, it’s a necessity.”