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Lizzie Mickiewicz

Mark Trautner

Editor’s note: At the time of recording, Trautner was not running for head prefect, so he did not answer the third question; however, here is his written response to that question: “I have seen SAC at its worst and at its best. Watching Dani and Juliette taught me how to lead.”

Nickname: *Redacted*

Dream Job: Street Jazz Pianist

Favorite Spot on Campus: Next to Sambhu

Weird Hobby: Competitive Smash Bros Melee

Quirk: Hopefully All Might gives me his soon

Theme Song: “Just the Two of Us” by Will Smith

Patronus: Alley Cat

Love to Hate: American politics

Hate to Love: Ariana Grande

Relationship Status: Sam Faraguna’s Plan B

Red Carpet Date: Jonah Pesikoff

Phobia: Soup

Doppelgänger: Any axolotl

Known for: Eating during every class

Book: The Moral Animal

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Slogan: Just ask or you’ll never know

Allergies: Deadlines

Follow Me?: @mark_traut

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