Basketball, soccer take on Falcons in final counter games

Wenqing He and Ellie Monday

Despite the frigid weather, fans enthusiastically cheered for soccer and basketball teams at Liu Court and Randall field on Feb. 8. Spirit Club’s theme for the games was skiing, an appropriate thematic choice for the chilly evening.

Boys’ basketball made history that night, beating Kinkaid for the first time since 2014. In the first quarter, the Mavs took the lead with a series of three-pointers. Junior captain Charlie McGee scored three three-pointers in a row, and captain Genson Hooper-Price scored an airborne rebound when the Mavs were down by two.

With 2.73 seconds left on the clock, boys’ basketball was winning 58-55. Tensions ran high as Falcon No. 24 stepped up to the free throw line. The Mavericks lined up, hoping to keep their lead, but the Kinkaid player sunk both shots. The Mavericks threw the ball down the court, past the Kinkaid players to junior Lucas Desjardins, who scored and secured the victory for the Mavs.

Although girls’ basketball lost, it was a memorable night for the Mavs as the seniors played in their last home game.

“With this game being my last St. John’s home game ever and my senior night, I had a huge realization that this is the end of something that I have devoted so many years of my life to,” captain Gabby Long said. “This realization caused me to be more focused and to work on leading my team and encouraging them to have confidence.”

Ellie Monday
Despite the loss against Kinkaid, girls’ basketball still got to celebrate their senior night.

The Falcons defense proved to be a challenge, causing the Mavs to adjust their offensive strategies.

Though the defense was rough on the Mavericks, Coach Halligan’s father lifted the spirits of the fans and parents, inciting the stands to erupt in cheers, canceling out the “D-up” chants called out by the purple and gold stands.

Across the street at Randall Field, boys’ and girls’ soccer also faced the Falcons in the cold February weather.

“I really admire [the soccer players],” freshman Lauren Campbell said. “They were playing so well with such strong wind and freezing temperatures.”

Girls’ soccer won 3-0, controlling the game from beginning as they scored their first goal in the first 10 minutes. The Mavericks ended the first half in lead (1-0). They continued to score two more goals, ending the game with a three point lead and a perfect protection of their own goal.
“We dominated possession throughout the game — they barely touched the ball,” freshman goalie Jessie Beck said.

The boys’ game mostly consisted of back and forth fast breaks that ended with deflections or fouls.

“I know some of the guys on that team and the games are always dogfights,” captain William Wallace said. “I’ve gotten yellow cards in the past in the KHS game, and I rarely receive such harsh discipline.”

The Mavericks pushed through the tough competition, though the Falcons pulled away with the one-point win.

Each team is currently competing at SPC in Fort Worth.