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Abigail Poag

Mrs. Leakey has collected several “Star Wars’ bobbleheads during her time in the Administration office.

Star Wars Bobbleheads

As visitors enter the Administration office, they are greeted by bright red walls, Administrative Assistant and Registrar Becky Leakey’s candy jar and, in a prominent position on her desk, half-a-dozen “Star Wars” bobbleheads.

As fellow “newbies” in the Upper School Administration office back in 2011, Leakey and former Dean of Students Steve Popp bonded over their love of all things “Star Wars” when Popp brought his circa 1984 Yoda puppet to school one day to decorate his office.

“[Mr. Popp] thought I could use Yoda’s zen more than he could,” Leakey said. “Yoda appeared on my desk on a day when the office was extremely chaotic.”

After Popp’s departure, other faculty members commented on Yoda’s absence.

“Ms. Amley felt like the big, giant desk was lost without Yoda, so she charged me to find another one,” Leakey said. “After searching the internet for a few weeks, I found our vintage Yoda on eBay.”

Since then, Leakey has collected an assortment of “Star Wars” memorabilia, ranging from an R2-D2 nutcracker to a sullen Boba Fett with the label, “Totally Fett Up!”

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