Best of club fair: Student representatives attract new club members

Best Recruitment Technique: Spirit Club

For two lunch periods, the Great Lawn was filled with swarms of students shouting slogans, waving posters, carrying around props, blasting music, and offering food. This pandemonium was the annual Club Fair, during which club representatives try to attract new members using any number of recruitment techniques. There were countless amazing clubs represented; a few are recapped in this Best of Club Fair photo gallery.

Noel Madland
Best Recruitment Technique: Spirit Club. Andrea Anaya (’18) shouts over the crowd.

Best Recruitment Technique: Spirit Club

Spirit Club co-leader Andrea Anaya (’18) stood on a table and shouted through a horn at gathered students while also sporting some spirited headgear. Her enthusiastic campaigning drew a lot of attention from students browsing clubs.

Abigail Poag
Best Sign Up Sheet: Harry Potter Club

Best Sign-Up Sheet: Harry Potter Club

Harry Potter Club, led by Tyler King, Nicole Doyle, Lauren Aguilar, and Fareen Dhuka (all ’21), gave their future club members a taste of the Hogwarts experience by creating a sign-up sheet dotted with scorch marks with a Hogwarts school crest, along with a “quill” to write with.

Abigail Poag
Most Artistic Poster: Paul Rudd Club. Sabrina Hu (’19), club leader and poster artist, carries her club’s poster around the lawn.

Most Artistic Poster: Paul Rudd Club

Paul Rudd Club is a new club, started this year by juniors Sabrina Hu and Juliette Draper, who plan to gather to watch movies starring Paul Rudd, like the classic “Clueless”. Their dramatic poster was hand painted by Hu.

Melanie Chang
Most Dramatic Poster: Imagination. Mary Martha Maclay (’18) presents her poster to browsing students. 

Most Dramatic Poster: Imagination

The booth of the literary magazine Imagination, led by Mary Martha Maclay and Riya Chakraborty (both ’18), featured a dramatic monochromatic poster filled with black-and-white images and quotes.

Melanie Chang
Most Informative: Chinese Fashion Club. Elizabeth McNeely (’19) explains her presentation. 

Most Informative: Chinese Fashion Club

Elizabeth McNeely (’19) leads Chinese Fashion Club, a club dedicated to exploring different aspects of Chinese fashion. Her club poster featured detailed illustrations and explanations of different fashion elements.

Caroline Ramirez
Most Relatable Poster: Restaurant Club. Laurel McKelvey (’18) signs students up for Restaurant Club.

Most Relatable Poster: Restaurant Club

Mary Shannon Tompson and Laurel McKelvey (both ’18) created the most relatable advertisement for their club, the Restaurant Club. Their poster asked students, “Are you human? Do you eat food?”

SJ Lasley
Most Noticeable Club: Fins and Feathers. Jack Curtin (’20) and Stuart Wallace (’19) man the Fins and Feathers booth. 

Most Noticeable Club: Fins and Feathers

Stuart Wallace (’19) attracted browsing students to his booth by blowing whistles, spinning a duck decoy, and showing off his many props. He advertised for Fins and Feathers, a new club focusing on wildlife conservation.

Caroline Ramirez
Loudest Club: Drum Corps. The club was represented at Club Fair by co-leaders Stella Trout and Cameryn Burnette, as well as member Julia Waller (’18).

Loudest Club: Drum Corps

Rather than going the traditional route standing behind a poster and offering food, Drum Corps co-leaders Stella Trout and Cameryn Burnette (both ’18) decided to attract new members by showing off their skills and playing an assortment of drums set up on their table.