Day in the life of a winter play actress

Day in the life of a winter play actress

Irene Vazquez, Copy Editor

5:30 a.m. Wake up before alarm in a sudden fit of madness. “Is it Thursday? It’s Thursday. The show is today.”

5:35 Fall back asleep.

6:30 Alarm actually goes off.

7:25 “See you after the show, Mom and Dad!” Attempt to make some sort of witty remark about breaking legs.

7:40 Remind every single person in the hall that “Yes, there is a winter play” and “Yes, they should all attend.”

7:45 Attempt to acquire coffee in a bleary haze.

7:45 a.m.-2:40 p.m. Casually remind teachers that it’s production week, and you’re not actually sleeping in class, you’re just “listening intently.”

3:00 Listen to Mr. Nathan’s story about a snake handler he has known. Call it “getting into character.”

3:30 Try to bribe anyone with a license into driving you to Starbucks.

4:00 Start walking to the library to do homework but mysteriously end up in the VST. All roads lead to the VST. There is no life outside the VST.

5:00 Arrive in Lower School cafeteria to sit in amusingly small chairs and eat an early dinner.

6:15 Help Frances shove her makeshift pregnancy belly into her leotard.

6:20 Relish that your character doesn’t have to wear makeup (but also secretly be sad that you don’t get to have Ms. Fogler do your hair).

6:30 Entire cast breaks out into a rousing rendition of the “Chicago” score. What song? The entire score.

6:45 Dance around dressing room while being incredibly thankful for your cast of eleven theater girls.

7:00 Admire McKenna’s fake tattoos.

7:15 Rank the eleven monologues in order of increasing eccentricity.


7:35 Settle into the frigid environment of VST 102 as the monologues start.

7:45 Accidentally slip into an Appalachian accent a couple of times in casual conversation after running lines.

8:10 Bring several lamps of varying sizes on stage.

8:15 Take several lamps of varying sizes backstage.

8:16 Step into the light. It’s a monologue after all, and it’s all you.

8:23 Exit the stage both exhilarated and exhausted.

8:45 DONE!

9:00 Once again feel grateful that the cast is only eleven girls so you don’t have to wait for hours to go outside after the show.

9:15 Feel sorry for your fellow customers at Dessert Gallery (but not enough to prevent you from eating large amounts of pie).